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Sep. 6th, 2030


OOC // Press Start (Pokemon + Inventory)

Current Location: Blackthorn City
Traveling With: fortunatewings
Working: N/A
Badges: 1
Money: P15,000


Aug. 20th, 2030


OOC// Social Links (CR)

I stole this from Rise who got it from flowervillage.  I just steal all your layouts, Rise, sorry 'bout that.  /coughs


Sep. 20th, 2029


IC // Pokegear (IC CONTACT)

Hey, you've reached Kanji Tatsumi.  Leave a message or somethin'.

Sep. 7th, 2020


OOC // Press Start (Permissions)

CHARACTER SERIES: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4


Dec. 24th, 2010


10 // Christmas... Cheer? [video]

[Oh, look everyone, its Kanji, broadcasting from the Blackthorn pokemon center! He currently has tinsel caught in his hair, but doesn't seem to have noticed. He's holding his Pikachu snugly in his arms, where she is wiggling and squeaking at him.]

Hey everyone. Okay, why is there mistletoe everywhere? Its bad enough that I've got Marilyn, Thomas and Chris playing with the other decor-- Oh, hey, haven't introduced him yet, have I?

[That's right everyone, that's Kanji's new Delibird he's pointing the screen at. The bird pokemon blinks at him, then waves cheerfully at the camera.]

Caught 'im a few days ago. Haven't tried him in battle yet, 'cause he's pretty weak compared to my other pokemon, but, hell, gotta try it out sometime, huh? If anyone's in the area and wants to battle, come find me. Otherwise, I'll probably just ask Naoto or somethin'.

Nov. 29th, 2010


Fourth Wall!

[Oh, hey, Kanji is alive. Because his mun finally decided not to suck. But, where is he? Here. And he is not pleased. Not. At. All. It does not help that, save for his pokegear and Marilyn, all of his stuff is still with Naoto.]

Okay, where the fuck am I?! There is water. A whole damn lake! And freakin' cliffs! And where's my shit? And, hell, where are my pokemon?! How am I supposed to get out of here? I can't swim that far, and the cave behind me is full of ice! And I can't fly either, the only pokemon with me is Marilyn!

Shit...  Can, uh...  Can someone come get me?

Oct. 30th, 2010


09 // Well, you certainly trained enough... [video/action]

[Kanji stations his Ariados, the weakest as well as the only one with a type disadvantage, with his pokegear on the side of the arena, so that she can film the whole thing for the network. He's standing on his side, looking confident and holding a pokeball.]

Alright, let's do this!

Kanji fights a gym leader~Collapse )

[Kanji returns to his pokegear after receiving his gym badge, smiling brightly and holding it up proudly.]

Hell yeah, knew I could do it! Man, we are so doing something to celebrate this!

[He turns to Marilyn and Thomas, who are looking a little bit tired but happy. Marilyn giggles and smiles at Thomas, who hesitates before holding up a hand. The two pokemon highfive, just before Kanji picks them up and holds them before the pokegear triumphantly.]

Screw the creepy music, thing's are goin' great!

Oct. 17th, 2010


08 // Sewing funtimes! [video]

[Hey look, everyone, Kanji's got his hand fixed! He's holding it up to his pokegear with a triumphant smile.]

Yo! Guess who got their cast off yesterday morning?

So... I'm taking on the gym late this week, or maybe next week, depending on what Naoto thinks of my team's levels... But I took the day off yesterday to work on some... stuff. Yuiko, I finished your doll!

And, Nanako, if you're watching this... I know all a' your toys are probably at home, so... Do you want me to make you a few stuffed animals? I, uh, take requests!

[Private to Naoto]Collapse )

Oct. 8th, 2010


07 // SO MUCH FREAKIN' RAIN [video]

[The video feed opens with Kanji. Soaking wet. Standing in a pokemart.]

Hey guys... Just... Just thought I'd let you know where I ended up in all this damn rain. Oh! And, hey, check it out!

Jess evolved! That's what you call it, right? When they get bigger and stronger?

But... Yeah. Gonna wait out the rain here. Naoto, Yuiko, I'll meet you guys in the pokemon center later?

And, uh... Naoto, when it stops raining... You want to go get some food or somethin'?


Sep. 25th, 2010


06 // Well, finally. [VIDEO]

[Kanji broadcasts this video nearly at midnight, and he's looking a little worn out, but still smiling.  He seems to be in a pokemon center.]

Hey guys!  I know its freakin' midnight, but I finally made it to Violet City!  I know most of ya probably aren't up...  But come see me in the mornin'?  [He's talking to you, Naoto.]

[He raises the arm with the injured hand.]

Got my hand fixed.  The nurse said it ain't anything too serious, but it'll take a while to heal and I have to be kinda careful with it.  Still hurts like a bitch, but, eh, I've had worse.

[He goes silent for a moment.]

And, uh...  I caught a new pokemon.  She's totally harmless, really!  So, um...  Try not to freak out too much.  Especially you, Chie-senpai.

[Kanji reaches over to the left of the screen, and brings a Spinarak back with him when he comes back into view.  The spider pokemon doesn't look at the screen, instead opting to hide her face in her trainer's shirt.  Kanji laughs uneasily.]

I mean...  She's kinda cute, if you ignore the extra legs and all that shit.  Her name's Katie.

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